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Choosing A Distribution Format
by Bill Schnee - December 2010

Bravura Records is actively working to establish the media that will be used to distribute our music in high resolution. The three most likely formats are a data disc, downloads, or a Blu-ray Disc, all offering a 24/192 uncompressed wav file.

Under serious consideration is a special type of Blu-ray disc. Stefan Bock of MSM Mastering in Germany has developed a way to produce a Blu-ray disc where we can offer the same material in several different file formats in addition to the normal 24/192 file that's imbedded in video.

Thus we can have a second 24/192 WAV, a 16/44.1 PCM and even a 320 kbps MP3. By simply typing the IP address of your Blu-ray Disc player into your computer, you can then easily extract the various data streams onto your computer. This would necessitate having a Blu-ray player or Blu-ray drive in your computer, but for this purpose with it's sound NOT being a consideration, a very inexpensive one would be sufficient.


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