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There’s a new paradigm in recorded music. The music of Bravura Records is played and sung completely live as a real performance, in the controlled environment of the recording studio. We intend to offer you the highest order of quality in music and in sound. We will cover all genres of music - the common thread being incredibly talented singers and musicians who are able to share their artistry live with you, the audience. Music is a language and we absolutely believe that the synergy of people all playing and singing together offers something special for the listener that studio wizardry does not, and communicates that language most effectively. The music is heard just exactly the way the musicians played it-not edited for better time or corrected in any way-and samples are never used for ‘better’ sounds. The vocals you hear are the singers’ actual live performances that have not been altered in any way-and never electronically tuned for ‘perfection.’ Even the final mixes are created live, in real time as the musicians perform, which inspires a ‘live performance’ from the recording engineer as well. This spontaneous integration of creative energy from talented professionals of the highest caliber results in a listening experience that is unrivaled in its emotional impact on the listener. Take a seat and experience music as it was meant to be heard.
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