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Simon Phillips is by far one of the most renowned and respected drummers in the world. His style not only reflects his incredible technical prowess, but his distinct musical sensibility. Whenever he’s playing, you can always hear Simon’s much more than just a timekeeper. Simon’s playing excels in great time, feel, and emotion, and most impressively, in any time signature. The artists he has recorded or toured with reads like a who’s who of the biggest acts in the last 30 years… including The Who, Mick Jagger, Peter Gabriel, David Gilmour, Robert Palmer, Jeff Beck, Stanley Clark, and, as an 18 year member of the group Toto, he has produced and even mixed some of their albums.

On his upcoming Bravura Records release, Simon has teamed up with three equally amazing talents … Jeff Babko on piano, Dean Brown on guitar, and Jimmy Johnson on bass. These four monster musicians present a tour de force of highly sophisticated yet compelling instrumental rockin’ jazz that must be heard! There’s no substitute for talent, and there’s no lack of talent here! On Simon’s very unusual rendition of “Carol of the Bells”, get a taste of his incredible arranging talents that are found on his upcoming Bravura Records release. Unfortunately, Dean Brown was unable to make the session for this Christmas song as he was out of the country on tour. So for this recording, the very talented Gannin Arnold joined Simon and the gang.

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