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Bravura Record’s desire to offer music in all genres led us on a six month search for a contemporary indie/pop artist that could really ‘do it’ live in the studio. We finally found him. His name is George Krikes (Kreekus), and he can REALLY do it! His smooth and resounding vocals are marked with passion and all with incredible intonation which is absolutely mandatory for live recording and a real rarity today. George is a young Southern California native who attended USC as a guitar performance major. While in school, he started writing, performing, and even producing commercials. These talents have been heard on jingles for McDonalds, Lexus, Honda, Purina, Safeway, Walmart, and more. He has also had songs featured on NBC’s Mercy, MTV’s The Real World, and the ABC shows, Men in Trees and Castle.

Prior to coming to Bravura, George was a main force in the band King Washington, and lead singer and songwriter for The Whisper in the Roar, two bands around the L.A. music scene. However, we believe George is about to ‘come into his own’ as a single artist on his upcoming Bravura album. Although you’ll have to wait to hear his fabulous songwriting, for now please enjoy his wonderful song styling and arranging talents on this tender hearted rendition of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”.

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