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Toby Foster has spent the last 45 years working in every facet of professional audio. Like departed legends such as Bill Putnam and Bill Porter, Toby is equally at home in both the creative and technical sides of the recording industry. As an engineer and mixer, he has worked extensively in the U.S and England recording studio orchestras. His love and mastery of the form has brought him countless record dates, along with movie scores, T.V. shows, jingles, and even theme park soundtracks.

On the technical side, Toby has built many reliable and superior sounding recording systems. He led the team that designed and built the Schnee Studio console 30 years ago. Toby’s encyclopedic knowledge of microphones allowed him to design and implement the very unique central powering system the studio has for its large collection of vintage tube microphones. Toby is credited with first encouraging Bill in his early engineering days and then, by Bill’s own account, Toby ‘taught him everything he knows’. Bill and Toby have remained colleagues and great friends for four decades.

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